a performance dialogue

Friday, November 16, 2007

video and public engagement

On Wednesday, Marcus and I talked about public engagement. We both had the same idea, that video could be a way to make our dialogue plainer to the audience. Fragments of us each talking about ways we think in our own medium about space, reponses to Borges and to each other, interpolated/woven into the piece or done at the beginning. We had initially thought about this in relation to Marcus anyway but it seems now to make sense that we're all on film so the film itself becomes a layer of the dialogue and enhances public engagement by making certain things concrete in terms of what we want the audience to see.

We then talked from there about how these films would become part of a website that would exist for public engagement. We could budget in a video artist (Marcus has a good contact for this) to come into rehearsals and capture moments of us speaking then edit these and create the material for us.

I also envisage that there could be fragments of the working process: close-ups of early-stage workings of dance, music, etc. to demonstrate space in a sense being 'constructed'.

Also: video will be a way for Marcus to be there later when it's not possible for him to continue performing in real time. But as well as that we were thinking about how he can develop his part and then hand it over to an 'avatar' to perform.


kate said...

Hi all this sounds a good idea to me, been experimenting with adding video into Secondlife. These are clips of people at a conference talking about Secondlife.
Do you know if we can add video to this blog page?

Dorothy said...

that gives us an idea of the 'vox pop' kind of thing?