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Friday, December 7, 2007

Greek feet as syllables

I have been using the archetypes of Greek poetry - called 'feet' - to define my syllables. They are defined as combinations of strong and weak beats in 2s and 3s and there are 5 of them. I have 'composed' them in different metrical versions. I numbered each set and then added my own additional archetypes of a 'dislocated pulse'; a 'dislocated anacrusis' (upbeat); a tremolo or trill as a symbol of infinity. 9 is 'unknown', a kind of wild card that I use to make an additional space or that's open to being used in different ways in different contexts. 0 is a space but where it there are infinitely repeating 0s I decided that an understated pulse would help to signify this repetition. The image is my current 'stock' of feet.

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