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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ideas for costumes

Here are some ideas for the type of clothes, I was imagining black and white for dancers thought black would be interesting as it would become dusty with chalk as performance progresses. Imagined Marcus in much more colour like he usually wears maybe braces?

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Carol said...

Some great images and ideas here Kate. I like the idea of black and white and the chalk dust becoming a marking on the clothes. There is something about ink and paper in this costume idea, the performers like ink marks across the space. The androgyny is also quite interesting, particularly the woman in the black waistcoat and trousers. Perhaps we could play with this a little, having one woman in a more 'masculine' look and another more traditionally feminine as in the tango clothes posted above. Splashes of colour with Marcus would be effective to visually punctuate this colour scheme and differentiate his role as 'expert'. Also with the books if these are going to be uniformly yellow this contrast would work well with the simple palette of black and white.