a performance dialogue

Monday, February 4, 2008

overall architecture

Main Structure
A 'backbone' construction of dance and music will form the main thread of continuity upon which everything else will hang. This will be devised collaboratively during the two weeks’ development. Musicians and dancers will navigate a network of hexagons according to a labyrinthine scheme. Dancers will work with sound and musicians will be choreographed. Hexagons are spaces in which events take place. Events include movement patterning, rhythm/sound patterning, recitations/readings, improvisation, solos, duos, ensembles.

Singular events

Events that occur singularly, either within the continuum as it goes on, or interrupting it; or emerging/morphing from it; things that have been constructed/prepared separately then sewn in.

These are, e.g.:
Marcus events – speeches, games,? (within the flow? interruptions? happening from ‘outside’ looking in?);

the Crimson Hexagon – what will this be? (is it a ‘warp’ in time/space; things have heated up, become intensified;

focus shifts to film/camera/mirror world (in the flow?);

a pre-recorded sound event;


The musicians so far include flautist Sarah Bennington and percussionist Scott Wilson, both very exciting young players who’ve recently graduated from The Guildhall.

I am characterising each musician (based on archetypes - not specific to the people):

flute – poet; virtuosic but subtle/delicate; sonic dancer of patterns/solos composed from syllables; exchanges flute for alto flute to become more tactile; flautist also doubles on voice and percussion; flute will need safe place(s) to reside when not being used

percussion - primordial figure with a certain mystique; keeper of the syllables, numbers, patterns; a 3D hexagon made for him that is membranes, shadows; some fixed percussion will need to be given its own space; some portable, hand held; also uses voice


Marcus will be our mathematician-guide. We need to become clearer about the content and various modes of delivery. What are the main mathematical points or concepts? What is the main one of these? How are they delivered? To whom is he speaking? Use of other texts? Games? Motifs?

Text in general

This needs some thought and choice of sources (perhaps this is for our second meeting at The Hope)


The main element of the design we will work with on this round is the blackboard floor. Kate and Carol are to discuss how this will work.


During rehearsals/development Kate will capture video and stills of aspects of the working process as well as each of us talking about the nature of space in our particular medium. This video will be important for the website and DVD but can it also be used as an additional public engagement element in the form of a documentary that’s shown at the start, as a montage or other kind of presentation, separate from the flow of the piece?

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