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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The 19th Step Development Day Two, Building Vocabulary, Notations and Blackboards

Musicians, Dancers and Marcus, Dorothy and Carol discuss ideas about notation building the space, and exploring the space and sounds of the blackboards.

Discussing notation and sounds made by drawing on blackboard which Dave had attached a contact mic amplifying the sounds of the chalk drawing. The musicians created different forms of notation which the dancers used as a starting point to develop their own notation for movement.
More ideas of notation using text, music and geometry using blackboards and performers as part of the architechture.
Creating geometric spaces with the boards the performers formed a Hexagon.

Marcus drew an equation showing the 7 performers of the 19th step. S1= Sarah, Flute, R1 = Richard, Horn, S2 = Scott, Percussion, R2= Rose, Dancer, D= Dylan Dancer, M1 = Marina, Dancer, M2 = Marcus, Mathematician.

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