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Monday, March 17, 2008

Borges and Tango

Borges uses tango and tango uses Borges. He grew up in a house filled with English books in a suburb called Palermo. His house was gated, iron rails separated his garden from the neighbourhood. 'I was always behind bars' he states. Home is the endless English library and Borges was the prisoner watched over by a female guard who kept him from the street. Later, when he returned from Europe he identified not with the closed interior his mother sheltered him within, but with the rough, Palermo of knife and guitar and milonga. He defamiliarised the house of English books and made a vernacular landscape for his writings in the tango community outside. An 'imaginary homeland'. Into this mythical homeplace he introduces music - a barrel-organ and a piano banging out tango tunes. For more check the 'Borges-tango' video lecture and the 'wallflower' for writing/performance on this site

Could I invite Dylan and Kate offer an introduction to the tango walk, the quadrangle floor pattern, the figure of 8, the rocking and displacements of tango?

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