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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Performance thoughts and props

Just been helping write a brief for a performance project at Reading came across this

"One of the most well known Happenings was Theater Piece No.1, 1952 a performance at Black Mountain College by John Cage (one of Kaprow's teachers). Cage stood reading from a ladder, Charles Olson read from another ladder, Robert Rauschenberg showed some of his paintings and played scratched phonograph records, David Tudor performed on a prepared piano and Merce Cunningham danced. All these things took place at the same time, around the audience rather than on a stage."

Wondering if a step ladder could be used prob no money for umpire chair of my dreams....

Added pic as I like the idea of using tube of paper and also enigmatic 13 written on it...

Was thinking shall I bring 19 bagels Marcus? or more maybe 100......?

I remember you mention bicycle innertubes, may be get some inflatable rings again, plastic hoola hoops?
Above is pic of the chalkboard compass can only get it in America and they won't ship it over here anyone see something similar? It can draw circles up to 63" in diameter.
I'm looking in to bamboo cane for long chalk stick, have an aluminium strip about 2metres that would make a good straight edge if needed?
Shall I also order A1 stacks of paper?

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