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Sunday, March 9, 2008

thoughts about the website

Had a look at http://www.piccoloteatro.org/infinities/index.html which is great I like the way the videos open up and I like the cube photo button, but over all I feel the design is a bit too over polished in terms of how I imagine the 19th step should be I favour a more paired down approach. (But am willing to be convinced otherwise if you all love it:-) Here are some links to pages to give an idea.... I wondered about a photo of chalk text on a blackboard, or open maths book?, as opening page each word linking to a section? similar to this http://fionabanner.com/
http://festival2008.lovebytes.org.uk/ get past the blobby opener page I like the objects linking to pages.
I like the simplicity of this page http://www.signhear.net/ imaging small giff of dance, musician, marcus??
I like the idea of the website being as work in progress as this blog has been but with a way for the viewer to add text, questions and images.

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