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Friday, November 23, 2007

(from old blog) for Carol Feb 2007

You were asking me about instruments and we started talking about flute, bass clarinet, horn/trombone, viola.I was really interested by the way you commented how different instruments have different ways of resonating and that this stimulated a train of thought in relation to dance and movement. I wonder how you’d go about exploring that?

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Dorothy said...

response from Carol


‘my’ body the resonator might consider how resonant points can be energised kinetically through a dialogue with a musician and her/his instrument. We can recognise sound ‘hitting’ us in the pit of the stomach or making the hairs on the back of our neck tingle, or the underside of bodies hum (as happened to me whilst driving and being ‘massaged’ by the sounds of a neighbouring cars deep bass amplification recently). In theory at least, every zone of the body can act as a resonator, but some zones are more easily made resonant, especially the cavities and ‘organs’ of the body. When a sound ‘outside’ matches the frequencies of the body we might have an experience of at oneness with it. How you might begin exploring this would in the first instance be an experiential dialogue of listening, playing and dancing, between dancer, instrument and musician, getting some feedback from the dancer about how they attuning to the music through different improvisations.
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