a performance dialogue

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The other day at Tate Modern I found myself walking the entire length of Doris Salcedo's crack in the floor ('Shibboleth'). Later I looked down on the whole from the 3rd floor. It's extraordinary - I was in a sense being a good host to my sister and nephew, I wouldn't have bothered to actually walk it if they hadn't been there - however the residue of that experience clearly had a profound affect as it is something that I keep referring to in my memory.

The power of the continuous line. Infinity is indicated by the way the crack 'continues' under the partition so we can't see its end. The embodiment of the memory of physically tracing the whole line, then seeing the whole from above. What is it about the continuous line in this way that is so primal and attracting for us?

Musically: patterning that implies infinity; or 'noise' - continuous streams of data; or long,continuous melody.

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