a performance dialogue

Monday, January 21, 2008

scribing and scribbling notes for dancers

Six focal points in space. Each focal point triggers a movement series. The movements are devised through assigning a gesture/action/behaviour to each of the letters of Borges' library (22 plus period and comma). Mappings: "All solid bodies are the superimposition of an infinite number of planes" (Borges). Extracting words from the story - aleph, babel, sphere, tongue - these words are inscribed through movements assembled from the assigned alphabet/lexicon of moves and placed within a hexagonal grid. The density of hexagonals creates a honeycomb labyrinth which dancers (and musicians) negotiate. Pattern becomes explicit through chants - the chanting of numerical series by dancers - given their histories this is both familiar and strange. Dancers often 'chant' numbers beneath their breathing, trying to embody and make natural that which is learnt. Augmenting uncommon letters and mapping these to points on the hexagon. Language pines for the body, its lost object. The body becomes a figure of language, its collective presencing, a pattern. Writing the alphabet left to right and right to left. Accumulation, de-accumulation, re-accumulation.

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